Price Information


Our Fees:

At Gilroy Steel Solicitors our dedicated professionals will handle your matter from instruction to completion. Set out below are our fees in accordance with the SRA regulations. 

For all matters it is a requirement of our regulator the SRA and other organisations the FCA, that we verify the identity and perform background money laundering checks. Anti-Money Laundering and Identity Checks are £30 per person (plus £6 VAT: £36).

 Conveyancing starting from £549 plus VAT:

No property is exactly the same, and our fees will reflect the particular requirements of your sale, purchase or equity release. For a standard freehold our legal fees start from £549 (plus vat of £109.80 total £658.80) with an average of £799 (plus vat of £159.80 total £958.80). For a standard equity release our legal fees is £799 (plus vat of £159.80 total £958.80).

Our legal fee includes the following key stages:

•              Initial discussion pre-instruction

•              Receive your formal instructions

•              Complete initial client information checks, issue client care letter and terms of business

•              Conduct identification and anti-money laundering checks

•              Ascertain whether initial finance requirements are in place to fund purchase and contact lender's solicitors if needed

•              Obtain a guideline redemption figure from your current mortgage provider at the outset and a further figure following exchange of contracts

•              Receive and advise on contract documents

•              Undertake  searches

•              Obtain further planning documentation if required

•              Raise enquiries of seller's solicitor based on the legal title

•              Answer/ assist you in answering purchaser’s solicitor’s enquiries based on your legal title

•              Report to you on all documents and information received

•              Review and report on the conditions of the mortgage offer

•              Draft and send final draft contract and Transfer  to you for signature

•              Provide information on how you wish to hold the property

•              Obtain pre-completion searches

•              Liaise and confirm the completion date (date from which you own the property)

•              Undertake the formal exchange of contracts

•              Prepare bill and completion statements and request required funds

•              Formalise the legal completion, and notify relevant parties

•              Deal with submission and payment of Stamp Duty/Land Tax

•              Deal with the application for registration at the Land Registry

•              Put on risk any indemnity policies and conclude payments

•              Send deeds and documents to client upon completion of registration

•              Undertake the file archiving and off-site storage

Where all parties cooperate in a timely manner a property transaction can take between eight weeks and four months.

In addition to our legal fee you can expect to pay:

•              Bank transfer charge to Lender £40 guaranteed same day transfer (plus £8 vat: £48)

•              Bank transfer charge to Client £40 guaranteed same day transfer (plus £8 vat: £48)

•              Land Registry Office Copies and Documents £15

•              Mortgage discharge fee from £75 (plus £15 vat: £90)


Wills starting from £180 plus vat:

Everyone’s wishes and requirements for their Wills are different.  We offer an initial appointment to discuss this with you and take your instructions.  Please note we can only meet with the person/people making the Will(s) - family members, friends etc are welcome to bring you to the office but they cannot be present whilst instructions are taken.   After the meeting, we will prepare a draft and send this to you for approval.  If you require minor amendments, we will make these for you before preparing the Will for signing.  If more wholesale changes are required because you decide to change your initial instructions, we may have to consider further charges for this additional work.

•              A standard single Will starting from £180.00 (plus VAT 36 total £216)

•              Standard mirror Wills (i.e. two Wills on broadly similar terms) will cost £300.00 (plus VAT £60 total £360)

Lasting Power of Attorney starting from £399 plus vat:

The person appointing the attorneys is our client and therefore the person we would meet with.  No other person can be present during these meeting.  We will discuss the important of an LPA with you and the reasons for preparing the same.  Providing you are happy, we take you instructions and after the meeting prepare the LPA(s) on the basis of these instructions. We will then send the document(s) to you with instructions on how to correctly sign the same.  Once you return the signed document to us with settlement of our invoice, we will then apply to the Office of the Public Guardian to register the same.  The Office of the Public Guardian are likely to take at least 6 weeks to do this.  Once the document(s) is/are registered, they are returned to you so that you can then use the same.

•              1 LPA £399 (plus VAT £79.80 total £478.80)

•              2 LPAs£600 (plus VAT £120 total £720)

•              4 LPA £1000 (plus vat £200 total £1200)

In addition to our legal fee you can expect to pay:

•              Office of Public Guardian £82.00 per document

Probate starting from £600 plus vat:

Every person’s estate is different and therefore the amount of work entailed (and therefore the costs involved) will vary.  We offer two services:

1.            We can just obtain the grant of probate for you.  This requires us having the original Will, death certificate, deceased’s national insurance number and date of death values for all assets/liabilities of the deceased.  We can then prepare the forms required by HMRC (which will depend on the value of the estate) and an oath for the executors to sign.  These are submitted to the Probate Registry and providing all is in order, the grant will be issued.  The executors can then choose to liaise with all banks, building societies etc. to close accounts, pay invoices etc and then distributed the state.

2.            Administration of the estate.  Some executors ask us to obtain the grant (as per point 1 above) and then deal with all the various bank, building societies etc before distributing the estate in accordance with the Will.

If there is no Will, the rules of intestacy apply.  This means there is a prescribed order as to (a) who can act as personal representative in the estate and (b) who the beneficiaries of the estate will be. You then obtain Letters of Administration rather than a grant of probate, but the processes described above are broadly similar.

Probate fee’s are based on the value of the estate but will be between:

•              £600 - £1000 for grant of probate only plus vat;

•              above, plus £200 per hour for administration of estate as well as obtaining the grant of probate plus vat.

Hourly Rates starting from £125 plus vat:

Where your matter attracts an hourly fee the following rates apply:

•              Director £350 per hour (plus vat £70 total £420)

•              Senior Solicitor £275 per (plus vat £55 total £300)

•              Solicitor £225 per hour (plus vat £45 total £270)

•              Licenced Conveyancer £225 per hour (plus vat £45 total £270)

•              Junior Solicitor £175 per hour (plus vat £35 total £210)

•              Senior Assistants £125 per hour (plus vat £25 total £150)

If the matter does have unexpected complications we will inform you of this immediately, and would fully discuss the potential consequences of that before any extra charges were incurred. Please note the fees assume you are instructing us directly and not being introduced to us through an intermediary e.g. an estate agent, broker or lender with whom we may have existing commercial referral agreements. If you request storage of your documents a charge will be applied as set out in our terms of business.